Can my $5 a month make a difference?


The answer is: Yes.

The Network America Action Plan 2010 is designed to be realistic.

Almost every American can afford a to help a program when he or she really believes that the action plan can make a difference and has a chance of success.

Almost every American can afford 40 hours per year if he or she believes that such a minimal investment of time can make a difference.

Almost every American can read for an hour or two to get up to speed about the mechanics, tactics, and strategy of the Network America Action Plan.

In every respect this is a realistic action plan that life as experienced by us -- the everyday Americans.

Your $5 on up per month will allow us to:

1. Teach millions of Americans how the precinct system works, that is, how to elect party leaders in their local, county party who will take action to put the USA back on course.

2. By electing honest and alert county party leaders, how we can restore transparent, verifiable, voting in each neighborhood polling place. This alone will put the people back in charge of the nation's destiny.

3. Teach everyday Americans how they can get their message to tens of thousands, or even millions of their fellow Americans in their area and beyond by understanding and utilizing the Reasonable Access Law.

Without a budget to attract and organize people behind this action program --  the work will not be done to spread the word quickly throughout the 50 states and the 3000+ counties in the USA. Things will continue as they have between 1990 (when I first began pushing this strategy) and today.

So, again, YES -- your $5 or $50 can make a difference.

Jim Condit Jr.